The Northeast Cancer Centre is working in collaboration with Cancer Care Ontario and the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care on an initiative that aims to raise awareness about the importance of regular cancer screening and increase participation rates amongst newcomer and immigrant populations in the North East region. This demographic has been identified as being under or never screened (having low screening rates). Immigrant community members have explained that the health paradigms, attitudes, stigma, cultural and language barriers have all been identified as barriers to accessing cancer screening.

We are trying to bridge that gap by reaching out to stakeholders like you with the opportunity to collaborate and disseminate information and educational materials to increase access to reliable information that are both culturally and linguistically appropriate.

Cancer screening for breast and cervical cancer, can help to find early cell changes or cancer at an early stage when it is less likely to have spread, when there are more treatment options and  a greater chance of a cure.  As such, Cancer Care Ontario has developed culturally relevant resources including video stories, transcripts, facilitation guides, and other general information which aim to support newcomers and immigrants in making a decision about cancer screening, and can serve as tools for providers working with them in a variety of settings.

Specifically short video stories of women speaking in their own language about their fears and beliefs related to cancer screening are provided as a resource that can be used in facilitated group education and discussion sessions with newcomers and immigrants. Each video story is accompanied by a customized facilitator guide, which outlines strategies for using the stories.

Breast cancer screening videos and facilitator guides are available in languages such as Arabic, Hindi, Bengali and Mandarin ( simple and traditional Chinese). Cervical cancer screening resources are available in Spanish and Bengali.

All resources can be accessed online at

Additional cancer screening information has also been posted to .